Our Past

The Fire Escape has been a presence in the Tri-cities community for 18 years. TFE was birthed out of Mafair Methodist Church with the vision of making this a community partnership.  The plan was to introduce kids to Christ and then find churches in the community that they can attend. The founders wanted the teen center to be a place where Christian teens could come participate in an environment that encouraged them in their walk with Christ. We strived to create a place where parents could be confident that their children would be safe, where the programing would be fun and where the kids could bring non-Christian friends and introduce them to the love of Christ.

The center was wildly successful. The place was packed each week end. Not only  were the kids entertained but many accepted Jesus or rededicated their lives to Christ.

Stay tuned as we will be posting  pictures from “back in the day” as they become available to us. If you have stories or pictures you would like to share please send them to us.

Below are some of our past newsletters, flyers, newspaper articles, photos etc.  Don’t forget to check out videos of some of our past performers at the bottom of the page.